This is an excerpt from my ‘International best-selling, critically acclaimed, award winning book’, “The Investigation and Study of the White People of America and Western Europe “


And so after 100,000 years down to 60,000 years ago,when they left, our brother’s came home to Africa, but they did not recognize us anymore as their brothers, because they had mutated into something else, with White skin, stringy hair, thin lips, hard long noses and eyes of color.  They had mutated to fit into the landscape of the white, cold land of Western and Eastern Europe, the ice ages, where they had been living for 60,000-100,000 years.
They had mated with another humanoid called Neanderthal man and a lesser humanoid named Denisovans. Their noses had become thinner in order to breathe better and let less cold air into their bodies and lungs. Their lips had become thinner after thousands of centuries of pulling their lips in and back from the cold, thus protecting their lips from literally freezing off.
And their skin turned white in order to fit in with the environment and in order to hide from the many beasts who wanted to eat them, and to hide better from other stone-age men like themselves. (See insert – Stone Age Hunter Had Blue Eyes and Dark Skin)
The cold made them a hard and violent thing, who’s first thought was to kill whatever it encountered, eventually they mutated fully into what we call a Cro-Magnum man or a Caucasian.
And so they came back to Africa, at first to trade, and when there were skirmishes between the European (Portuguese and Spanish at first) and Africans it was on equal footing because both cultures were fighting with swords and spears and the Europeans could not conquer these Africans.
The Greeks had tried and failed, the Romans had tried and for the most part failed, but by the 13th Century the Europeans had discovered gun powder from China and always war- minded they invented weapons that could fire a projectile and by the 14th Century they were pretty proficient at it and had developed a number of weapons, each one more horrendous in its ability to maim, destroy and kill other human beings.
By the time Columbus so-called discovered the New World, the Americas, they landed with guns and cannon, and when the Western European Portuguese and Spanish people came back to West Africa to trade, they came with guns and cannons, weapons that the Africans did not have; and by the time this mutated White thing from the cold of Europe was through, he would be the cause of Africa and hundreds of millions of African lives being changed through the use of their guns, cannons and diseases.
And this White savage would in turn, torture, rape, murder, massacre and enslave whole nations, whole cities, whole villages, whole countries of people of color, worldwide.  All that death in order to expand and fulfill their greed for power, land, gold and slaves.  For five hundred years this White savage subjugated the original man in Africa, Australia, South America, The Caribbean Islands, The Pacific Islands and North America with the horror and stench of hundreds of millions of deaths, all because of their greed for land, gold, silver, and power.
Whole nations of these primitive, barbaric, vicious white monkeys descended with the horrors of their psychotic desires and thirst for blood, rape and death on so-called uncivilized African and people of color throughout the world; people of the earth, farmers and laborers, people of the lakes, seas and oceans, fishermen; and slaughtered and enslaved them for profit, for greed, for their sexual desires. For their and their children’s wealth and took these gentle people’s lands and countries for their own and turned the people against one another, turned them into who they were and hated and then despised the people for what they had done to them.
And mind you all this was done in the name of their children and their children’s, children, and their children’s, children, and their children’s, children, so that their children’s, children, could rule the world into perpetuity; and it has worked, hasn’t it!  All that blood and death so that White people could have everything, rule the world, and Black and Brown people have nothing.
What happened to early man was that the further north he walked out of Africa, stayed and lived, after tens of thousands of centuries in northern Europe the whiter his skin mutated. Eventually somewhere in Sweden, Scandinavia and Russia his eyes mutated to blue eyes and eventually mutated to other color variations. The closer early man stayed to Africa, the less his skin and eyes changed as, in the Portuguese, Spanish, Sicilians, Greeks and Italians whose skin to this day is darker, for the most part, then Northern Western Europeans.
Which is interesting, because the darker European, the Spanish and Portuguese with the most African genes, returned to Africa and created more horror and barbaric conditions for Africans than any Western European had up to the 15th and 16th centuries.
Whole countries became full of millions of lighter skinned Africans and their descendants, because of the wholesale and continual rape of captured African women and slaves by Portuguese, Spanish and Western European sub-human men during the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
With in-breeding, whole countries to this very day, Cape Verde, Cuba, Santa Domingo, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and many, many others are populated and run by the lighter skinned descendants of the Western European rapists of female black slaves.
Stone-Age Hunter Had Blue Eyes and Dark, African Skin.
(From the author: This became worldwide news, because it showed how the original man had mutated to becoming white skinned. You can google it)
A European stone-age hunter’s wisdom tooth has revealed that he had an unusual mix of racial traits – dark, African skin, curly brown hair and blue eyes.
Preliminary DNA analysis of the exceedingly well-preserved 7,000-year-old skeleton, dubbed Brana-1, has overturned ideas about the descent of modern Europeans.
Although the hunter’s closest modern-day relatives live in Sweden and Finland, the genes for his skin color are African.
Previously, scientists thought that fair skin evolved as people moved to northern latitudes, allowing them to absorb more sunlight for the production of vitamin D.
“This guy had to be darker than any modern European, but we don’t know how dark,” said Carlos Lalueza-Fox of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE) in Barcelona.
The mutation for blue eyes, a change in the HERC2 gene, is thought to have first appeared around the Black Sea 10,000 years ago and then gradually moved west. Because the gene is recessive, blue-eyed people must have two copies, one from each parent. Remains of the hunter and another human were discovered by cavers in Brana-Arintero, a deep, complex cavern in the Cantabrian Mountains near Leon, Spain, in 2006. The constant cool temperature in the cave, 1,500 metres above sea level, protected the remains from bacteria.
Excavated by Julio Manuel Vidal Encinas, an archaeologist with the Council of Castilla y Leon, they were carbon dated to the Mesolithic era, which in Northwest Europe lasted from 10,000 to 5,000 years ago.
70% of American White males are weak, evil and vicious cowards.
And so, the White Western European nations and later the United States descended into Africa like the vermin they were and destroyed, raped and plundered its most precious natural resource; its people – the farmers, the builders, the irrigation builders, the human beings who lived there, Africa’s mothers, fathers and children.
Many, many, many, centuries before the Western European people began killing people of color around the world, they were killing each other by the tens of thousands. It was not unusual for a hundred thousand people to be killed on European battlefields. In fact these people worshiped death and killing. They worshiped the art of killing, boys and men were taught to kill and to be worshiped for their skill at killing. Killing people is what the European mind set did best.
The White man, with his guns and cannon, became the best killer on the face of the earth, a treacherous and deceitful killer.  A killer who lied and schemed over others to take their land, riches and to kill them.  They spent centuries doing this to one another. They hated themselves and anyone unlike them, as much as they had hated the nobles in Europe who enslaved them as serfs and peasants
By the beginning of the last century they began World War One. Millions of Europeans were killed and many more millions of lives destroyed and then World War Two where over one hundred million men, woman and children were killed and many more millions of lives destroyed forever.
So for the Western European and the White American to kill hundreds of millions of Africans and millions of African Americans, as well as tens of millions of people of color throughout the world for the last six hundred years meant nothing to them.  African Americans in the United States of America should know that this is not personal. This is who the majority of White people have always been, killers, who kill for greed and power. The White American will do whatever is necessary to show his power over us, that he is more powerful, smarter, more intelligent and has power of life and death over people of color in every way.  White supremacy is nothing but the white man showing Black people who is in charge, who the boss is, who’s really in charge of America.  White people need to feel in charge of Black people.

The Western European and the White American is the cruelest, most horrific killer of human beings to ever walk the earth.  Whenever we meet or see a White man we should all just spit on him for the deaths of our millions of ancestors.

Western Europeans invented racism, they brought it to America in 1632. But White Americans bought, and sold it all over the world.  White Americans turned racism and life in America into a barbaric, uncivilized and cruel journey for hundreds of millions of Africans and African Americans from 1776 to the present.